refractile bodies. Some prefer to tinge the fluid with neutral red or gentian violet.

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also gave no reaction. Salicylates and benzoatcs gavt^

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It is certain that in such a case the gastric, intestinal, and biliary secretions

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of death "in the printed form sent out by the State

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ized, wedge-shaped pieces; each is one inch long, half an

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review panel shall constitute a part of the record in

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prove fatal, or, owing to the volatile character of the drug,

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Waxham, with 96 collected cases, says it does. O'Dwyer,^

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the previous night's supper was regurgitated next morning while

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mistake, don't say he is wrong, but say, " Now listen again, and

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cutting parallel to Poupart's ligament, terminating at

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similar words, but will not add to it by proposing a new

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simultaneously. An increased vascular tension, such as to place a serious

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the properties and composition of the urine, only so far,

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by this Journal slips of all the papers read at the

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iNiurliiH.d I I iIii- M-i..i.i\i--,-l- iui'.i--. lifturi' lii- ,11'j'lir- liii' Cirrcl-

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limbs are healthy, and there an- no congenital tumours or

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M.D., Alexander E. Mack.ay, M.D., TV. T. Domville, M.D.,

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ment ; besides coagulation, the current exercised over the tissues a vital molecular

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the two forms of chronic enlargement of the spleen is usually easy.

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same, implying a degree of pressure upon the various portions of the

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of policy rather than of right. As you know, both public

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system is not unfrequently present. When the portal vein, the hepatic veins,

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.