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inorganic poisons are discussed. The laboratory exercises comprise a study of the

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due to the disease of the cerebral blood vessels and to the slight disturbances

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service from any cause other than reduction of establishment, wounds, or

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(1) Equipment in Mi Ik-Contact Areas. According to 3-A Sanitary Standards

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recommended to plan their work so that courses in verbetrate anatomy and vertebrate

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Marie claims to have seen the disease come on very frequently as a consequence

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and paraphasia. In these sensory forms of true aphasia there is less likely

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remedy for " their old headaches," and they merely desire to rest, waiting

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of age). Required. 6 weeks. Sat., 9:00-11:00. Allin.

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shall, on conviction thereof, be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds, or to

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this peculiar combination of three such apparently heterogeneous symptoms

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sensory. Here we have peculiar pargesthesise, beginning in the arm or leg, or


* Theeocaminatioiiin Chemistry wiUlaeTaTied from year to year.

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teristic circumstance that all the different symptoms on the part of the cranial

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twenty-five; Medical Psychology, twelve; Practical Chemistry in its

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faulty inamifacturinf , injproper blending, or improper use of euwlslflers.

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203. Physiology of Muscle, Nervous System, Special Senses, Internal Secretions,

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ment of Medicine dealing with the physiology and significance of some major svmptoms

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completely in the course of a few months by the continued internal adminis-

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neoessazy repairs. Ko student shall be admitted without the reoommendatiaii»

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phenacetin, etc., and finally local warm packs, peat baths, sand baths, etc.

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ences, and aggravated by the lack of proper food and attention, is far other-

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.