mineral acids, and the concentrated alkalies. The arsenical
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comparatively small experience is sufficient to convince one of
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and extremely irregular in its course. Perspiration is often
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The sewer that formerly carried the refuse of the district
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ology. Albany M. Ann., 1890, xi, 1 - 10.— Da Costa
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nnich as a third of their original length during pregnancy (sec Case U),
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whole of the brain removed, so that no part of the nervous system remained above the dorsal
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some of them known at the present day. The author has
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feel the stone by means of his bimanual examination
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muscle functions are not inhibited except through nerve
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harder the cancerous mass. In tumours of this chiss, two kinds are met with
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theilung des Stadt-Krankenhauses in Riga. Aerztl. Bcr.
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of the abdominal wound was indicated only when perito-
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metic, these subjects give promise of becoming the most valu-
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apothecaries became a distinct class from grocers, in
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Is there any decent medical man in the world, outside of
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orado Springs an average early morning pulse rate of 61, He became
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toms. Allaria reports similar findings. I have also observed a
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5. That in unsuccessful cases the operation at least does
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quarter, to a peck and a half of oats. Hasty travellers
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necting link with I. vera. On the ground of cases recorded by Radcliffe
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are best in most cases, because the tenaculum makes a hole through
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Here, then, we find an obstruction in the center of the pelvis of the
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Tubercle of the lungs. Cirrhosis of the liver. Snper-rennl capsules normal.
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in the presence of albuminuria, or when there is disease of the kidneys and
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These are merely examples of what we were all of us more or less
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cerebral congestion there is, I believe, no hypersemia, but only
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The Pathology and Treatment of Asthmas.— M. Sihle,^
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instrument are a little too low. The index of refraction being higher
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the point of origin of tubercular disease. The writer's
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attention than this. It was first presented to us in a
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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in charge of a bearer division. He
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fourteenth century more vigorously than elsewhere in
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expression indicating its concentration is much shortened, and yet quite as
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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.