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tendency to recur ; to prevent this recurrence, from fifteen to twenty-

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poison to resist change is very great, as is also its ability to pass into milk

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the pen is held 5 hence the term " writing hand" as given by Charcot.

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the terminal stage of these affections. According to Bargebuhr, who

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reducing the ingestion of liquid, but from time immemorial trainers

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by increased dyspnoea and frequent cough. Obstruction to the peripheral

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pathology. The flagellate infusoria include the Megastoma entericum or

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rations of pancreas have been used, in accordance with the pancreatic

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between the ages of twenty and forty years, although sometimes observed

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on the progress of chronic myelitis. Silver nitrate, at one time much

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ever the symptoms may be, however desperate the patient's condition

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been used in scleroderma, apparently without definite result. The sur-

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The enlargement of the liver may be suggested by a bulging of the

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the foot, the face, the tongue, the larynx, the pharynx, or any other

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inhalation in such doses as are necessary to produce flushing of the face

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generally preferable, but advantage is sometimes gained by varying the

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number of 302 cases, 96 were fatal, or 31.7 per cent. In these 96

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tal bursitis, or an abscess of the liver, spleen, or pancreas result from

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of undigested food or vegetable or animal tissues for the characteristic

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sorption, and perforation of the bone, with extension to the neighboring

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the oedema of the skin. This affection is of a progressive character and

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fifth right intercostal space in pericardial exudation. The dulness from

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year through New Orleans, spreading up the valley of the Mississippi as it

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little or no disturbance, the larvae dying and becoming calcined. A bac-

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The severity of the diet should depend upon the severity of the

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the so-called hcematomyelia or spinal apoplexy ; or it may occur into the

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.