right mamma. The pulmonary cavity of the heart, which was also

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In acute suppression of urine the treatment is that of an acute conges-

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of chronic metallic poisoning suggests very strongly that it is due to a

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salt, or magnesium citrate, may be administered by itself. The saline

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ending with a sort of crisis ; more commonly the patient passes into con-

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DIAGNOSIS. The symptoms at the outset being those suggestive of

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for its growth multiplies, and is transferred from the place of entrance

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not indicate necessarily that the liver is diseased. Emaciation and de-

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save by an examination of a piece of the affected muscle or by a know-

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which such changes are frequent, may be represented by a calcareous ring.

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such use may be followed by a more pronouncedly germicidal application,

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signs of cavity and chronic cough the presence of the bacilli is essential

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collected by Leichtenstern. Improving technique will probably lessen

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given at one time they will reinforce each other at the respiratory centre

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ture of the evening before. By the eighth or ninth day a morning tem-

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DEFINITION. A peculiar degeneration or inflammation which at-

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few weeks. Osier, however, mentions a case of leukaemia of ten years'

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sidered as secondary, although clinically a primary endocarditis is of

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The most characteristic symptom is the incoordination, which may

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the weight of the loop facilitates its turning. The occurrence of attacks

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is diffuse. The apathy or stupidity is most marked in advanced stages of

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the second point to which allusion is made, 64 per cent, of the whole

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long period of time. Paroxysmal attacks of epigastric pain independent

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advanced that identification was impossible. In tjie difficulty that

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volunteers, the 29th of April, 1863, near Fredericksburg, for an

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verest cases are the trunk-muscles affected, but opisthotonos and menacing

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thousand in the cubic millimetre, or may be entirely absent. The leu-

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by the presence of glycogen, which becomes brown on the addition of

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heads remain and cause a local inflammation. The treatment consists

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ducts eliminated from the blood.'' He also states, that the impor-

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cations when there are neuralgic or muscular pains, and other similar

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diac area. The sound is often superficial, being louder in the upright

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ous observers in Europe, Asia, and America. The malarial organism

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enlargement of the thyroid, the bloating of the face gradually disap-

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nosis. The area of cardiac dulness is increased laterally, and may extend

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President; John ^, Percy, M. D., Kecording Secretary; Abraham

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dies and the removal of hypertrophied or abnormal parts. The results of

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commenced, or at least very early was most pronounced, in the neck, the

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level. If this be correct, it constitutes no reason against bringing up the

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.