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some obstruction to the return circulation, perhaps, also, to a lack
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certain chemical compounds which they produce either by the meta-
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some of the premonitory symptoms of fever may perspire, be relieved, and
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» In l.~7G cases Pollock found clubbing of the finger-ends in about 25 per cent.
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tinum. The lymphatic glands in the anterior mediastinum are most fre-
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becomes dark and blebs may arise. There is local coldness and anes-
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gradually, the symptoms are those of sclerosis. Where it comes on rap-
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Symptoms. — There is usually entire loss of the sense of smell ; a feeling
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Unless a surgeon has a number of assistants, the needle holder may
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be begun early, in order to prevent fibrous adhesions of tendons and the
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freely it supplies an abundance of liquid, which acts to some extent as a
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three times a day. Benzoic acid or benzoate of ammonia may be given to
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and removed. If this method fails, the following should be tried:
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when the end of the bone presents a honey-combed appearance. Ossi-
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may present a cauliflower excrescence. Sometimes there is a history of
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may shoot down either arm. If the intercostal nerves are pressed on, there
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temperature follows no regular course and has no fixed relation to the pulse
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frequently examine the chest, and when the bronchitis is found to have
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the closure of Wharton's duct — ranula, encysted hydrocele and galac-
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not recommend "blue-mass" in functional hepatic disturbances, and
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1 In Virchow's " Handbuch " Meckel's essay of 1756 is given as the first paper on endocardial disease.—
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adhesions form around the ends of the bones, the opening in the
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usually lodged in the llcsh of some animal. It is from seven to thirty feet
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On section, in the first stage, dark blood flows from the congested paren-
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especially in the case of aged persons, cold baths are contra-indicated.
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may be administered in full doses. I have seen typhus-fever patients that
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or wavy. The breathing may be rude or hronchial ; or, when rude in
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close of life, sometimes below normal. Jaundice sometimes occurs and
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not difficult, as it rests almost exclusively upon the existence or non-existence
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of blood. Blood is coughed up in mouthfuls, bright red, frothy, alkaline
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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.