oil, on which the medicinal properties chiefly depend.
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circumcision as a religious rite, but readily consented to its performance as
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methods which have no advantage over those that are older and more
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these greatly varied sources, premature action of the organ, with haem-
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stimulation is about all that the best physician can do.
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widely dilated and he could not distinguish light. A light held
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intra-abdominal method, on the other hand, through a
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finding the ova or the adult worms in the stools. The follow-
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The splendid physical condition of the patient; the marvel-
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sicians, that typhoid disease has, of late, greatly increased in the State, though
of a 2.5 per cent solution to make the end result 0.25 per cent. While
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will be taken to ease the plight of D. P. physicians
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is most felt at the point of contact with the cold body; in the former
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headache, dizziness, and sleeplessness,' bloodletting will often give
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appeared in the Times ai Monday last. Our space wiU
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organs, is a necessary condition for the comprehension of their patholo-
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before, and the man bore marks of old syphilitic sores about his body. He mar-
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Dr. Lyons communicated the notes of several cases, and
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one bone was broken, but even then I must confess I prefer
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with inspiration the valve closes and no air gets back into the pleural
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"I believe that the issue would not have been different had the hydrochloric
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cases. The difficulty of ascertaining the exact strength
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but it seems to me to resolve itself fairly into a mere question of time
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tised. 1 have seen tendons separate six inches, and
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spring, like that of a rupture truss," yet, on the principle laid
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a predilection for the subglottic space and the region below the anterior
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by frequent and regular communion, intercessory prayer,

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.