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■ is thought better to sacrifice the foetus only than to let both die. as

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does not always result immediately, as in some of the instances noted, bad air, no

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mination of Bright's disease into '^ parenchymatous nephritis,

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proportion of idiotic progeny is vastly greater in the former than in the latter case.

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digestion well carried on. The employment produces disorders of the stomach and

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and purity be your guide. Cherish her, and her only, and within two years, (with

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feature differentiates it from the other diseases which affect

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tion of urea is independent, first, of the quality of urea eliminated;

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have, we shall continually come across others which no

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second, absolute blindness would have been the issue.

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general debility and almost defies cure ; and in its train follows

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nervous centres (the spinal coid unfortunately being not examined),

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dyspeptics, but will be known only at the day of judgment; when they will be held

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a time he found that he could not distinguish colours so accu-

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"In chorea that part of the nervous system which ministers to

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chief end-station of the vibratory function seems to be in the

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frequently, raising bloody sputum. On admission she had a

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A mere statement of these facts will render obvious the importance of care in the

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beyond the jaws. Pia mater injected ; puncta vasculosa pretty nume-

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and in them the uterus is also more frequently excessively

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of the base of the brain and optic nerves, attended at times,

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us in this place to say that epilepsy may be a symptom,

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where there is no love. There is nothing more revolting than to see a beautiful

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light as a cork,'' and, t5rdly, increased temporary power which

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feller Institute Hospital in November, 1914. In the eight-year

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tablished. Why the accumulation requires a lunar month before it is equal to pro-

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although there was very much less intercourse with Ancona in this

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pain ,,<. i be attacks are commonly at night, and often wake the per-

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M. Bouget denies emphatically that the striated muscles belong

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introduce an extract from Lectures on Magdalenism by the renowned Dr. Wardlaw,

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Evidence for the location of different functions in different

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Although ancient physicians detected the presence of the hydatids or grub in

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of the urine is so necessary as this). The casts are coarse,

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part of the abdomen. Frequently the attacks consist of the

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husband, and desiring to increase his happiness, she hearkened to the voice of the

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children, while others arc certain to dit if the child remains in the womb till it is a

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symptom left behind being constriction and tremors in the throat.

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^ This IS no doubt true, and its results upon tbe interpretation of treatment

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.