nosed with bronchiolitis develop true bronchial asthma in
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called the splenic; these enter the sinuosity with the blood-
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result. The urine was slightly turbid, neutral in reaction, and
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and he records a case of poisoning by it. The patient was treated
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attending to the phthisical patient's blood above mentioned;
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flattened, but so little flattened that it might be described as
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Hoover is Head of the Environmental Epidemiology Branch, Na-
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Cecil County; Permanent Secretary, C. W. Chancellor,
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only the sanction of experience, it is through the physician or
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cardiac non-invasive laboratory, Montefiore Hospital and Medical
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One may dismiss the after-treatment very briefly; everything
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found enlarged and tender. The loss of power lasted 3 or 4 days
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animal economy that are at present considered among the
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presence of fluid in the joint. The upper end of the humerus
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The thyroid gland has many lymphatic vessels, which
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particles contained in the vesicles of the blood (cxl). The
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common iliac was in a normal condition. The external iliac
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well as the administrator, the legislator, the planner, and,
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^ See also Haller, El. Phys. lib. ii, sect. 3, $ iii. The celebrated Nuck thought he
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(Two consultants in nuclear medicine requested by the
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The right knee and leg were a good deal swollen. The
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The ascending stroke is oblique, and the summit of the curve
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excluded. This study shows that “. . . documentation of the
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scientific articles, based on research, original concepts rela-
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“The true time of death shall be determined by a physician
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probably occur would very likely demand other surgical
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little as five to seven cc of the local agent for complete
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Assistant Director for their Medical Planning Department.
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symptoms, which led me to believe that she had stone in the left
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Board, Philadelphia. March 3d, as the relief of Med.
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can be controlled by temporary dosage reduction in order to allow adjustments of the
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fringe benefit and enroll their full-time employees.) This is a
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These population groups can be defined in a number of ways,
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Culex mirmticus (Theo.).*— Occurs only in December to April, and in
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years of age the child refused to assume the vertical posture,
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as penicillium or aspergillus can be found indoors under the
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sensibility was lost in the feet and legs below the knees. The
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add significant numbers of personnel to our total supply of
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be in the multiple-pollen sensitive patient. Other molds, such
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seen, or rather more so because the left sterno-mastoid has
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is needless to trouble the reader with, since as much as is neces-

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.