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Hepatitis. — During the whole course of an attack

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moves to the loins or thorax, where it is out of harm's way. ( ! ) We are

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his hands. A friend, a clerk of the University, drew near, and

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To this time it had not " quieted the system " ; but the neuralgic

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he showed signs of voluntary motion, and this was only

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not continuously ; it is my rule to use it for a week and then intermit it

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pillaj; chiefly on the ground that the other effects pro-

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good eye at intervals, and the use of the stereoscope. Now, at

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normial schools, on the presentation of testimonials of moral

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If tlie anterior crural is involved the knee-jerk is lost and the extensor

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be necessarily injurious. He acknowledges that in a limited number of

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sarcomas linked to radiotherapy in children reports an un-

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earliest possible stages of tuberculosis ; I would call attention to the fact

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Landstrom Donald L, 2604 Woodruff Rd, Edmond, OK 73034

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more often females than males, may be hysterical or neurotic ; some mental

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authority for the employment of teachers to devote their entire

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other 2 cases, the stools were never entirely normal, even during the

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ing- Very few in our profession to-day deny that the

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Treatment. — As far as the emphysema is concerned,

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these columns a little over a year ago, and to what we

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trious and enterprising young man whose aim was to rise in his

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of which is the prolific cause of not only the ordinary diseases but of

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R., Dermatoses, New York Med. Record, 8 and 22. Gussenbauer, Spread of In-

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experience exercise-induced asthma (EIA). Up to 14% of athletes exhibit

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vent sudden death, and trial of it should therefore always be made, observ-

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posterior wall, giving the impression of the yet pre-

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of a man's ability to walk while he is asleep furnishes conclusive

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(G.) Ophthalmia nodosa. Tr. West. Ophtli.. Otol. [etc.]

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Varieties. The forms observed include sarcoma, lymphadenoma,

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white corpuscles of the blood (leucocytes) rank far below the red (ery-

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cholera; the assiduous rubbing of the limbs of those labouring

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nuich or any good, but this, though an early case, pro-

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Faeultiit der New Yorker llniversiliil. .\acli der 6. Auflage des Origi-

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licles and mouths of the sebaceous ducts, with increase in the

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that active elimination is all-important as this relieves the

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sometimes encroaching a little upon the face. These neu-

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which, on chemical grounds, would be more easily understood and more

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uterus. Treatment : Abdominal subtotal hysterectomy, September 1,

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advertised and sold to the medical profession, all of which

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.