hurried, and short, especially when exercise is attempted, and a

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complished by selection of the proper remedy and regu-

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dlebury, Manchester (1884), 1885, iv, 121 Pes gigas;

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Henry J. Bigelow, M. D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery.

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any traces of general peritonitis. No intestine was adherent

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to try this in preference to the treatment prescribed ; if we are not

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one. This, I knew, could be done with perfect safety. On my

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success for two flstulse, one vesico- cervical, tbe otber

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TaArji/bs, 'AS^TOi, 1891, xxiv, 273; 289. — A xe«f«'ld ( T. )

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Ichthyol Suppositories in the Treatment of Prostatitis.

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The first thought, as I suppose, of everyone who sits down to

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related to each other; there were no similar cases in any of the immediate

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the season, besides the full allowance of adventure,

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this fact. This law fully comprehended, and full sympathy with

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blood clots. in the box should be 85 to 90 degrees F.

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20th February. — Patient is in excellent health. He hag

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headache, diffused and deep-seated, and increased by

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arise from an increased tissue-change." Liebermeister and other observers

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gravity of the disease. The morbid appearances after death do not afford

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That journal actually chuckles over this side of the

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offered to the art committee, but the details of the picture proved so shocking

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Lai - chita, Lai - chitarak {Hind), Lai - chitarmul

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Committee to cleanse, whitewash and paint the Hospital.

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any pre-existing cancerous cachexia of the system, or from any-

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1. Expiiation is made to precede inspiration, whereas origi-

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is seldom attacked, and spasmodically ; in rheumatism, the heart is

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iivld up as before, an incision about three fourths of an inch long

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of vaccination, fifty percent, of the operations proved fruitless,

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obligation which it involves, which can no more be evaded, than its great

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to pattern after. )_ Not the necessity for but the good of vital statistics

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lids of the right eye very much swollen and the cornea present-

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of these fevers ; this may sometimes have happened, but I think it

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country house in Scotland a visitor was attacked while occupying a chamber

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associated with that injury. The mechanism in each case was

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Country Club, Thursday, May 23. Golf and dinner. Play starts at 10 a.m. and dinner at 7:30 p.m. $12.00

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traced upwards it passes in the direction of the sacral

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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.