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tendency, not rarely to profuse sweating. The tongue is dry and
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tion, or nutrition, depend for their origin and develop-
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There is a distinctive odour ubont the body of a typhus
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phoric respiration and amphoric voice or echo are present, either limited or
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vomiting is such a marked symptom as to simulate, by its violence, some
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there had been as much relief as could have been afforded by
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some form of mechanical obstruction the tubal mucosa may be
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orrhoeal infection which came under my observation last winter. One was
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prize offered by one of the Association for the best
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That an individual who is tired or in a poor state of health is more sus-
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susceptibility to hay-asthma has been removed by quinine
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The attempt to restore to bacilli the virulence which
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haps they will reply that when we even suspect a case of appendicitis,
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has escaped from one of the calices or pehis into the ureter may stop
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duce but slender wages. The apprentices, too, engaged in stone-set-
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patient who had sustained eighteen fractures during the
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•For notes of the post-mortem examination, made on the same day, six hours
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absence of poison in the stomach or bowels, are not consistent
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which, and all other revenues derived from the school lands,,
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The abdomen was thickly interspersed with pale, freckly-appearing
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horse may have previously possessed soon disappears. Now
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shoulder «aid, "Do not fear this cold-air treatment;
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Heap, Edward A. H., M.D., appointed Lecturer on Botany in the
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value of every deduction I arrived at, and every precept which I
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have suffered organic change, recurrence of polyarthritis is far
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the left mammary region, rounded in form, and about two and a half inches in
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The Council of the Academy of Medicine for 1916-17 will
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Bury — Atcheler. — On September 24, at st Panem Church, G. Bury,
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the wound was closed, the upper part being left open
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Dr. Carl Beck of New York city reports his observations with the
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and Forms of Statistics, by Dr. S. W. Aiuioxx, of Bos-
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f advanced pulmonary lesions. Perhaps the chief reasons for a lessened demand
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appointment would give ample assurance that the De-
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fever is the almost universal bhodvaess of the areolar or binding
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were several small rounded masses, about the size of pepper-corns,
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<h. i-wtii**?! r- n»ii t, ilu"*"/^, nf-. n^-.hftM^ tin hftS"! TTPPVflniTTBF af'nl^
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10. Lantern Slide Demonstration of the Exanthemata, from

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.