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cosm consisted of a trinity : body, soul, and spirit.
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at Fort Baker, California, en route to the Philippine
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to question CII has been awarded to Dr. E. H. Skinner, of
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fatal. 5. If complete, a subsequent rupture or rup-
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scheinungen nach Anwendung von Dioxydianiidoarsenoben-
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September nth, left Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming, on
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Dioxydianiidoarsenobenzols. Berliner klinische Wochen-
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cussed this in this paper, which, as its title implies,
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in are demonstrated to be the receptacle for all acts
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nallv bv the examination of the tissues in the vicin-
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found in the fact that tht mental processes were not
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probably merely because it is often performed at an
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9. A Case of Leprosy in a White Person Associated with
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filtrate at the point where the trocar is to be insert-
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while in the stage of active progressive evolution.
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it will be within easy purchase of all. Is it not rea-
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was removed for microscopical examination through a
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another cause of that denomination, to wit, for that
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minute following its insufflation the animal after givng
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are usually of no definite significance and probably
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and thoroughly equipped in the State. It is situated at
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recurrence of the eruption five days later with palli-
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Official list of changes in the stations and duties of offi-
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movements, or, as a child said, "use it like a screw
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1,350 grammes. Great shrinkage over the convexity with
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thus modifying the action and interaction of neigh-
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If in the cases of purely imaginary diseases there is
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with resultant glucosuria. The modus operandi is masked and
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serious labor. The forces of labor are imperfect be-
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liir four or five months, potassium iodide seven months.
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quires 0.1 gramme per kilo to kill an animal, which
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character of the scars produced, which are best ex-
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sensitiveness of this patient to the action of the mercurial
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its first hold can scarcely be stated in every case.
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Shoshone, Nev.. $1,000 per annum. One at White Earth,
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way it does not suffice to say our patient is hysteric

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.