giving Opium, take the safer course and — avoid it !

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Praxis. Ztschr. f. arztl. Landpraxis, Fraukf. a. M.. 1892-3,

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surface of the body, all of which distinctly show that the central

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manner, as physicians have long observed, the fundamental type be-

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practice, it is generally incidental to the disease just named. The proportion

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cares and examine their structures and the parts adja-

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5. — Nodular type; Louisiana Leper Home. An old man with skin lesions

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irritating symptoms. It is quite clearly the cohesion

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was aided in deciding the time of submersion, as well as

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place the standard of health too high for practical

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By Order of Wilber M. Brucker, Secretary of the Army :

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himself at the clinic. Mis prepuce was then still phi-

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The drawings are well done, clear and explanatory, and add greatly

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be preserved for use in cooking, and bones for the preparation of

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prognosis worked out, while the treatment should fol-

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always to be considered, especially as dyspepsia not infrequently leads to

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affections of the eyes, for old sores, &c, and in this

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a source of danger. All the disturbance after the operation seems to

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resonance greatly increased. Sputum scanty, tenacious, purulent, with brownish

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nephritis it is very rare to meet with epistaxis or to find haemorrhages in

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As IKDEX OF STMPTOM8 as a Clew to DIagnosIa By Ralph Wln-

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dissemination of this disease, but mainly in order to learn

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blood, and it was on this account that I was called. I

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proved, and after two or three weeks he seemed again almost well. The

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evidently a congenital condition, and the kidney had no

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nal ulceration ? Taking life as we find it, the pros-

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physical activity, tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea, pollu-

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Appendicitis," by Dr. W. B. Sawyer of Riverside. "Indications for

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University of Louisiana; Visiting Physician to the Charity Hospital, New

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war. In the spring of 1865, after having undergone no special

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tary were appointed as the Committee on Scientific Work, or the Pro-

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in less than four hours, and continued in it for days or even

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It is very true that a healthy animal will retain its appetite

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as is clearly shown in Fig. ]. It is natural to suppose that

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Bre.\d made •with SE.\--n-ATER.— M. Eahuteau calls

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is strongly in favour of the existence of tumour. Sometimes there is an

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personal quarantine subjects the unfortunate passengers

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above the larynx with increasing dyspnea for about a week.

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ragraph which was said to have recently appeared in a newspaper*

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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.