a half inches, and the diameter of the pupil was one line, the proxi-
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moderate increase of the fibrous tissue take place, finally resulting in
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lute milk diet. Any constipation which may be produced must be over-
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pulse is usually accelerated ; the temperature may be subnormal, normal,
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monary artery and even from that of the aorta in cases of chronic tuber-
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condary, wrist-joint, 1; recovered, 1. Secondary, hip-joint, 2; reco-
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the sensitiveness of the muscles. The application of electricity to the
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TREATMENT. In the treatment of chronic pharyngitis it is essential,
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tion, sometimes extreme, results. Extreme pallor and symptoms of a
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have ever known, but I don^t believe he prayed much, while he was
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tions of the disease, while in a certain number of cases lesions of the
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of such strength that the patient should take at least a quart a day.
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Infection of human beings and of cattle has been frequently traced to
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Probably the most common is the gastric aura, a sense of distress, or
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remains thus elevated until between the fifth and eighth days, when it
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other organs and thus lessen the strain upon the kidneys.
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tule is almost invariably recovered from. Under neglect the mortality
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paranoiac, the hysteric is liable to explosions which may take the form
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matism, sunstroke, Bright 7 s disease, and syphilis ; but in such cases the
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fracturing the bone, the internal table more extensively than the ex-
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with the fmictions of the extremity. Surgeons, therefore, have
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vidual follicles being surrounded by injected blood-vessels. The follicles
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An 00 = Ca O } muscle in first sta S e of degeneration.
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and malarial fevers follow closely upon each other, although remaining
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well with some. Game may be allowed, but tame ducks, turkey, and
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is usually attended with much hemorrhage. The stupor and convul-
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of ferrous carbonate, Blaud's pill, dose one to two pills ; and ferrum re-

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.