about thirty-five parts of urea, and there will be no retention of
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ment, but the dull one. All who do well should share in whatever
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be the result of disturbances originating in its dominating centre?
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ajipointments, become sceptical when any one praises a remedy for
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from which the urine is derived, and a corresponding reduction in the
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not act chemically. It has no power to destroy the life of a tissue
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immediately due to the changes in the terminations of the pyramidal
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more. Not only is the total amount of urine small, but its escre-
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stituted for the tedious chemical research of the laboratories a
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be taken to relieve the brain from excessive blood pressure. Medi-
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near the floor and four near the ceiling. In the rear
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embarrassment to the heart's action, and a cause of hypertrophy and
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formulate a regime or diet which holds good for all cases and at all
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ever, sometimes advantageous to employ the different basic com-
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It is given ovlj as a sample of the diet for one day in a special case.
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with the symptoms. Suitable directions for adequate treatment can-
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There is a marked difference in sexual predisposition, all the facts
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It is astonishing to observe the low estimate placed upon health
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The use of too stiff tootli brushes is inadvisable, as they are likeh'
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The specific gravity of the blood varies between 1045 and 1075.
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view which does not recognize the existence and operation of a gen-
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Drinks to relieve thirst, or for the purpose of nourishment, may be
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enue, were selected as the location for the College.
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gm. albumin, 185 gm. fat, and 80 gm. alcohol, represents in round
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negative, so far as the pathology of acute rheumatism is concerned,
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arteries leads to starvation, degeneration, and rupture of the cardiac
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that the trouble is not from without, but from within, and hence they
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of the heart, and the lining or synovia] membranes of the larger
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are held to indicate defective eliminating power of the kidneys. As some
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would no doubt prove beneficial, as it increases the respiration. A
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When the heart is inflamed it gets no rest ; no matter what the
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evidence available tends to show that the formation of the bile salts is in-
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fall. When on the other hand we turn to the male cases we find no
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suucrested by a medical man, as the sulphate of iron, but those sug-
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slight consumption on the other, would be the cause of the hyper-
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They commonly occur among elderly women after the menopause,

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.