5.7 per cent, in 1892. He attributed the reduction to the fact
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eflect to tliese unanimous recommendations of the Commission.— At a
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Bat even if there were any reliable method of treating fhe
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situation and in the symptoms which it occasioned. It was
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to the symphysis, and the incision was afterwards extended to
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refractory animals by feeding, or starving and fatiguing
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Scotch, and only the remaining quarter was English, yet the
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besides a course of lectures on midwifery and diseases of
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Saturdays. The 416 deaths referred to diseases of the respiratory organs
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think that the same method may be advantageously em-
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their hands to their foreheads to brush aside the hair from the
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you to kindly allow me to make use of your valuable columns
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M D , Berks Yeomanry ; Ch\hles Fo-\ (.Joode, Ist Sussex Artillery ; Wil-
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practice which obtains in other presidencies. He explains that the
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then reappeared and continued for two weeks. No clots nor
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(A) Mr. C. E. Abbott, Braintree ; Mr. D. .4inley, Halifax ; Mr. B. Archer,
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veyances by which patients are taken up and convalescents
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evidence tliat the place was but rarely used, but it also sug-
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gow; Mr. S. P. Kramer, London; G. A. Kelman, M.B., Chorley. (la)
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adminislrati'in of iron preparations by the m lUth, but
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canal ; and the relation of these contractions to pain.
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number of the Westmirister Itevieiv contains an article which
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Sral with the Government of Madras, written a short pamphlet in
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in the corresponding periods of the preceding ten years i.ss;mi2. Among
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of the climate of parts of Galway in the early months of the year. The
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salary or conditions of employment of their medical officers,
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ments are clearly described, whilst discussion of disputed
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Towards the end of August the disease, which had been
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squamous-celled carcinoma, analogous appearances are well
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not always, I would venture to think, with proper discrimi-
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dant energies. In 1857 he founded the Orvosi IletUap, the
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far recovered that another attempt at reduction was made, but
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permit. I shall only say that they show, as other cases which
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AxY attempt to put down smoking by Act of Parliament
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or 23 per cent., caught the disease, whilst of the 736 unvacci-
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at a time. There was so much pain and discomfort in the iliac fossa

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.