The syringe which I am in the habit of using for injections will
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were typical, and there was very little difficulty in arriving
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ness. In treating lameness, the affected limb is to be
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you think best." Ghlorofoim was then administered, and as he
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treatment is continued until all pockets are closed
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discharges, suggested malignancy. Under ether I was
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states that the manner in which respiratory diseases
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their intellects. It is all very well to laugh, only
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became progressively and more decidedly foecal. Gas, however,
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muscles of the face. As a result, the healthy muscles
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diagnose cases of lameness intuitively, and are some-
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the student passes from the College halls into the wards of a hospital,
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viz: at the end of the 18th century. The manifold objections
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amined for poll-evil, for swellings of any kind, and to
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positively that my cases were the most suitable one could
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her twelfth confinement, and she has had twins twice befoi-e.
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taking was 101° F., and her pulse 120. Her temperature
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exceedingly dangerous injuries, but form an exception to this general
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Messrs. Editors : — Although I entertain a very holy horror of
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Dr. Wm. a. Hammond, late Surgeon-General U. S. A. — It
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ContribotiDns to Bone and Nerve Surgery. By J. C. Nott, M.
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of a solid core of connective tissue, hvaline cartilage, and a
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cess to deodorize the stools. It is nontoxic, is well
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The repair of the soft parts is performed in several
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who perceives that there is a reason for his conduct
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bitus. The best treatment, therefore, is postural. Every
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iin ler e'.:l)rl — when the sulJL^ets of it were translerred to an open,
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be learned from unsuccessful cases. Another communica-
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appetite is capricious; the coat is rough and staring;
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the criticism they aroused in Hippocrates and Galen
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raging to a very great extent. No evil result seems to have occurred

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.