and more natural, the radial pulse returns, the lividity of the surface dis-

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is established at the Hospital des Cliniques, in Paris. The duration

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tortuous vessels are frequently seen traversing it.

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The eruption of measles, in its early stages, is liable to be taken for

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of local peritonitis, ulcers of the stomach or intestine and abscesses of

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disease, as well as the absence of any evidence that the disease was propa-

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tract, the more frequent of which are laryngitis, bronchitis,- pulmonary

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not be covered with daughter vesicles containing scolices, but a clear saline

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and perityphlitis, with ulceration; rupture of hepatic and other

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septic solution. The opinion held by the laity that the disease is caused

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Percussion may show points of slight dulness, surrounded by extra reso-

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entirely on the outside of the external condyle. The knee will be flat-

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cases the whole length of the large intestine is involved.

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rise to general dropsy ; changes of this class, however, belong to the remoter

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vulsions and vomiting are rare ; chills are frequent. Death is usually pre-

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ing the nerve supply to the organ, are chiefly responsible for the disease.

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extravasation. After dry cupping, warm poultices over the kidneys may

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Percussion. — There is slight dulness over that portion of the chest

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explain the occurrence of pneumonia and bronchitis after exposure to

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headache, sallowness of the surface, furred tongue, vreight and fulness in

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which occur in croupous inflammation of other mucous membranes. It

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the milder forms they take place only in the layer beneath the papillae ;

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hemicrania, and then have no more for a long time ; but sooner or later he

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as ''Cheyne-Stokcs " respiration, general cyanosis supervenes and death is

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sematous patient is, however, of much greater importance than the medical

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.