Later, when the disease succumbs, convalescence is usually announced by the critical

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carbon dioxide to the alkaline bicarbonate present, and this in turn

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dysentery. The observations of Drs. Craigie and Abercrombie in

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generation, definite histories have been obtained of sixty-four indi-

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Demonstrator in Gynecology, University of Toronto, Assistant Surgeon, Department

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blood in health and in disease; i.e., viral diseases,

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efforts for the promotion of its usefulness and prosperity, and their deep regret

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Anesthesiology Conference, third Thursday, 7:00 a.m., Conference Room 1

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but they slipped, and, after repeated trials, were given up. Why

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from the beginning as a surgeon and an apothecary, and


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times in the last ten years, and have yet to see any untoward results.

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: mushroom is derived. It is an autumnal fungus known by its rich oran^e-

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Attempt to Produce Abortion, — Dr. E. L. Partridge related

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ceding and following one or several doses of theocin. During this

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exacting such a tribute of utility to that society,

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carbolic acid can do such a thing as this? Is it by controlling the

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Alumina is useful against constipation, from inactivity of the

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sent out by the French Government to inquire into the nature-

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substances stand in such intimate and close relation to the vital

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brush, a small quantity of a ten per cent, solution of the

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db from -|- articula^tio articulation.] 1. A dislo-

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sultation, lectures, and rounds, the Consultant Pro-

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prostate were infected ; there was extensive ulceration in the

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Mean Temj). = Min. + {Max. — Min.) x .47, the value is

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gestion, pigmentation, thickening and ultimately atrophy of the

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identical, some dissimilar. The presence of these constituents

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period of general malaise, and immediately preceding the outbreak

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investigation extending to all the agencies and institu-

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other cases, the patient may be in an irritable mood, wliich is quite

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the spongy bones of the spine and condyloid processes, and

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reproduced virus, he attributes sequelae — those glandular enlargements

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These were changed at intervals of about ten minutes,

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'^ext to bread, milk is more extensively used as an article of diet than

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in rate and amplitude in a second. A 1 to 1,000 solution of the fluid-

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from special duty at Wasliington. Ordered to U. S. S.

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.