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worry, dyspepsia is a common disorder. It is ordinarily a symptom
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membrane or an abraded surface, propagates itself by the production
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concerned. During abstinence the output of homogentisic acid is diminished,
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able excretion. From the earliest ages this diathetic characteristic
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Do the salicyl compounds have a curative action in rheumatic in-
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tity increases its action several beats each minute. It is difficult to
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the patient against evils to which he is liable, if he depart from the
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reducing the indebtedness of the institution. By these
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The pus in an abscess tends to work its way in the line of the
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administered. In cases of insomnia, the same general treatment
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to have some relation' to a depraved condition of the blood. They
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more consjjicuous. The crystalline forms of sodium urate are ren-
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fracture. It sometimes requires a large amount of experience to de-
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is impossible to foretell whether a given person will become exces-
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the brain are in a condition of chronic congestion. The effect of this
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exceedingly annoying to the patient and repulsive to those with
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circulation of uric acid in the blood current, but by its determination
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The modern drift from the country to the city is unfortunate,
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takes place with a breaking down of the tissues the discharge is very
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care to avoid overwork and prostration, either mental or physical.
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the disease, because it is largely spread before characteristic symp-
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and the pot-bellied Silenus in the south and in the legendary fat
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the womb to the expulsion of the child. The head descends quite
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fever before it was given in acute rheumatism. Its remedial power
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showing that the rheumatic process is not limited to the white fibrous
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hereditary disease, and gout was present among the relatives of one-
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necessities should be met by this fluid (see below). This mode of
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with such success that in January of the following year
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in the liquid, or an oily and transparent or an opaque laver upon its surface.
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The amount of sugar excreted varies greatly in different cases and
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4. Medicinal Treatment. — The number of drugs which have been
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give even in these cases satisfactory opinions and. counsel.
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the fibrous valves very frequently suffers ; the much more extensive
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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.