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est clinical material' to be found. The staff posi-
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ment of whicli we speak. All those wlio use tlie opthal-
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settled conviction, the propriety, the necessity, the safety, and
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successful, but with much febrile action it is associated with a
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where the circulation is superficial, is a prominent indication
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velops in the shape of, dark red purple blotches, gradually
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cases analysed had not been under the author's care per-
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that liver portion which is not covered by peritoneum. This part
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M. Sig. Dose one teaspoonful every two to four hours.
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the lingual branch of the fifth. They pass thence through the
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life day by day. Take away this power and he will die in a brief
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the patient slept soundly for two hours, the pulse having fallen
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of the complication had not manifested itself early enough to
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sounds, due to narrowing of the larger and smaller bronchial
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from lungs, skin and bowels? And still a step further, we want
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of intestinal digestion in which the liver is very surely concerned,
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Leg weakness is caused by over-feeding, fowls become
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shaking a mixture of magnesia in water with a solution of ter-
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extends its hand to give the pulse, has lungs, bowels, kidneys,
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composed of drugs studied from an Eclectic standpoint.
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asking whether food contains mineral constituents in the
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of casein were tested. Paranuclein was found to be antigenic, but
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1890. Hare, Hobart A., 1801 Spruce St., Phila(lel|)hia.
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cious expectoration ; chronic coughs ; tight and paroxysmal
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lieving coughs of nervous origin it has long been highly
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the armamentarium of the obstetrician. Jaundice, that annoying
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are ever to reduce the mortality of this operation from what it
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of no value during an attack. Pulsatilla frequently proves a
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were used. It is impossible here to enter into a detailed con-
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medicine we would say, procure this book by all means,
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rolling line of the Sandwich range lifted in middle
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irritant diarrhea, neuralgia, spasms of the heart, and sometimes
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into the duodenum, in which case the matters generated in the
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has two transfixing ligatures which enclosed both tlie Fallopian
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When admitted, he presented the following symptoms,
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into action, and the heart beats rapidly, so as to pump more
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the llopital La Pitie. It was a strangulated inguinal hernia, of about eigh-
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tries under the name of "hashish," and used as an intoxicant.
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imperfect material in the blood. Its deposit in the lungs comes
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act spot on the head over the hydatid, and boring through
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variety of cases of intermittent fever, and I can declare from
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ness is also an evidence of chronic inflammation of the lungs,
valuable when there are very frequent, profuse and debilitating
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stantly led the student astray ; and you are particularly for-
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firmed by the following experiments of M. Schiff. When
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prostration ; affections of the heart following attack of inflam-
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Indications. — Dusky coloration of the tongue and mucous

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.