nition of syphilitic disease affecting the nervous system. No doubt the
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times difficult owing either to adhesion between the herniated organs
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Hall, Preston, on Wednesday, June 29th. There was a very numerous
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increased functions of Ihe liver was often consequent on diminished
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vigour of growing science. When they were told that chemistry in the
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gulated blood ; the bone was broken into ten or twelve fragments, and
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This conjecture, however, is disproved by a study of the pathological
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would express themselves, the patients were "greetin' fou".
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rrcsidtnt-t-lecl — Edward CHARLTON, M.D., Senior PhysicLin to the
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fine dust and of a hazel-nut, but usually of about a pea. The super-
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It shows large yellowish patches, irregularly distributed, but principally
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and pause a rough metallic murmur, most distinct at the base, but
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be some twenty years ago. There are also, now, channels of employ-
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their functions from the congested state in which they exist. How then
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on her back. 2. In the prone position, the abdominal walls and the
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I will shortly describe our last case of this kind.
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inferior maxillary sinus. Night and morning the patient was dressed
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gated with sublimate solution. With a bistoury I enlarged the wound
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frere, and will equally admire in Virchow the genius of the pathologist
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by Mr. Moore, in conjunction with whom I attended the patient. They
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be removed, or the importance of the deeper structures involved, or the
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portions of the gastric mucous membrane^ altogether avoiding the
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highly inflamed, the vessels standing out prominently like tortuous
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thus making two deaths of it. I registered it as scarlatina only.* The
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Professor of Surgery at the Veterinary School of Alfort; late President of
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Towaids the end of the month (Februaiy 25th), she expressed her-
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pp. 508. — Performed a new operation for cure of stricture of
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their professional services to the French Government ; and in some
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he remarked on the left side of the animal's head a swelling the size
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row consists of three bones, apparently the scaphoid, lunar, and cunei-
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which I referred at the commencement of this lecture. The facts are
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again restored to health, till happil ice of Dr. Root's, and was induced
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potassium were given daily in the drinking-water. On the 23rd the
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especially on its frequency, duration, and the presence or absence of
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From this time onwards the animal became gradually weaker ; the
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to 'scape the fury of fire and sword are oftentimes
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omitted, there would simply be an addition of these boards to those
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■suggestions, one of which was the desirability of laying before the mem-
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On the 17th the animal no longer walked lame. Left hospital on
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seems probable that the first attack, on the i8th June, was due to sub-
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sum, who died in Guy's Hospital of another disease. The author ex-
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and the thin muscular portion of the flexor metatarsi which separates
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obstruction is found ; and likewise, in a very large number of instances
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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.