composed of refuse, and is unsewered or drained except by surface-drains or
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vious cases of typhoid fever in the febrile stage of
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bosis, when it is generally too late to operate with any hope of relief. An
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cavity. He has followed this plan of treatment in a number of cases, and
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cases it may be omitted ? This is one of the most difficult questions in
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speedy relief of the symptoms than can ordinarily be expected from the
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extraction of the child should be made very gradually, and the second stage
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digestive powers, and when injected into the circula-
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"\'esaliu«. Dc humani corporis fahrica. Basileae. 1543. p. 126.
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Adolph Leberman, who died recently in Atlantic City, N.
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remarkable case of endocarditis in a woman, aged fifty-one years, which
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camp for tuberculosis patients has been opened on the
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the author would not hesitate to employ them, nor would he wait until the
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women patients of the clinic was only 1 per cent. The author thinks it pos-
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be capable of exhibiting at least occasionally the ex-
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Familiar examples of pathological hypertrophies from increased work
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and over this area the breath sounds were extremely distant
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care to prevent loss of time and loss of blood, and to keep the patients
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it in detail I will give its precise text, which fol-
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It is believed that the plague is transmitted solely through infection
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completely absent in typhoid fever, those cases in which no typhoid
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years of age. Family history negative, e.xcept that mother
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gout and obesity. In January of this year she was sud-
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alkalinitv being onlv one half that of the blood. Cal-
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holding it tense, and with the fingers of the right
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advance into the zone of explosion until the ventila-
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mediate operation and a thorough flushing of the peritoneal cavity did
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together with catgut. The patient was well, the fragments united, and
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tute the class of what may be called the mechanical or aural vertigoes.
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tor the belladonna serves a double purpose of reliev-
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both to toxic causes. Upon this line much is yet to be said.
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As to treatment : if there are no molimina, it is a question for the
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Examination showed a large alidoniinal tumor with hard
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fever followed. During the first twenty-four hours one and one-half
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of the organisms existing in clear lymph, and this natural cultivation is the
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recognizable he prefers to use the actual cautery. The granules having
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a coughing spell, which seemed to confirm the diagnosis
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This true efifect cannot be expressed by saying that
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water operative in the spread of the greater part of
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tality. I expect that at no distant date it will be-
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be, most probably enters by the pharynx or tonsils without producing a local
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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.