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■The death is announced of Dr. John Drummond MacGavin,
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had been recorded in which the placental vessels were com-
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fully dilated. In incomplete abortion, early and complete
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Dr. Boxall's observations confirmed the author's conclu-
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increased vigilance in the mines, especially in some of the districts
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also that large quantities are necessary to cure anaemia, many
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Paisley. The 349 deatlis registered in Glasgow included 40 from measles,
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J. F. Macpliail. M.A., J. D. M'Rae, C. M'Vicar, M.A., N. Macvicar
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military surgeons to practise for gain. This, he adds, will be
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because of the irritating gastric fluid which oozed up between
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at the end of a term— the chrysarobin method or any other in
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O'Driscoll. Michael, L.R.C.P.. LR.C.S.I., appointed Medical Offic_er
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l.sso (medal) ; in the Soudan campaign in issri, including the engagements
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up late, and is somewhat overworked, then she has menstrual pain, but
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perforation or gangrene of the appendix may be regarded as
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Fever and Small-pox Hospitals in their report of 1882 con-
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covered from the operation, but died of pneumonia some
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Srg.-Lleut.-Col. M. M. Gallwev, M.D. Woolwich ... India.
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inches upon wooden platforms, are not infrequently soiled with sewage
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resistance offered by a dense ring of fibroid tissue. Moreover
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laparotomy should be done as early as possible, so as to
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aeent \"T the defendant, or as stakeholder bet.ween the parties The
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It is a very common practice to give small doses of arsenic
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of vaccination, and that at Totley small-pox has also been busy among
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Oliver Pemberton and Mr. Mayo Robson. Mr. Pemberton
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given it may be freely, it is much better to give it freth
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occasion, but a few whiffs of chloroform were now given.
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the right arm. One of these was well, the other had been in-
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is given by the othcer who has actually made the analysis, and not by a
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as in the case under consideration, the difficulty in removing
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The proper precedent in this matter is that of the medical,
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don ; Dr. H. Woods, London ; Dr. O. Williams, Biirry Port ; Dr. J. M.
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Amongst much that no British surgeon, we believe, would
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moot: W. A. .lustice, Dovereourt, Essex; J. E. Kennedy, Tain;;5d
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nated. This distribution we hold to be fair, since it must be
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I was, of course, aware that the condition described is to
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, namely (1) old houses and cottages built for Single fan^ilieS,'
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Paralysis ; the Moorflelds Ophthalmic ; the Skin Hospital,
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Mr. R. Macnamara. Those mentioned are Dr. Donnelly, Dr.
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notice of what was going on. He could talk intelligently at
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A communioition was received from Dr. Leslie Phillips,
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during the week ending Saturday, April 22nd, were equal to an annual
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Secondly, I perform all my manipulations by means of in-
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perhaps a gouty nature, or as the uneasiness experienced in the whole
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already died ; other cases were found in other prison hos-
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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.