marked bodies resembling vacuoles are met with in the interior of these cor-
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the choroid coat and retina, and spoiling the delicate tex-
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you for your support and for the opportunities to work side-by-
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Angina Ludovici. — G. G. Ross declares that Ludwig"s
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mortem examination. He claims that bilateral sympathetic ophthalmoplegia is
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those inoculated are less apt to take the disease, or if they are attacked
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ence, as the large majority of cases happen in persons below twenty
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and are discharging a yellowish colored fluid; the discharge
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plained of constant dizziness, and saw snow falling before
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and softening action of Petrogalar may be indicated. It mixes
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A spherical growth, about five inches in diameter, is
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washing in a mercuric solution of i to 1,000, since such
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age which has grown indifferent to mere applausa But, even though
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Mr. Jameson was called to render his services to the sufferers. On arrival he
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34. Six Secretaries, one for each Section, to be appointed by the Sectional
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are being slighted, we believe, too much by many at the present
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>:>.h .,/ ;..,^v^;v:,■„^,/ ,/,■ (;,,,,,/ D^kunuatmrn! ir.m hrn,, rarnrd .ut.
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sible presence of uraemia. Aside from the history of the onset, which is
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Benzene is known to cause an extensive aplasia of the lymphoid tissue
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in America about every year — beware of the ' isms ! ' What
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have satisfied the examiners in the fourth (final) professional
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of rhinology. He thought it was hopeless to decide the question between
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the fact with pride, every one remained, every one was ready to do his
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notable for the number of cases of tetanus caused by small wounds.
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tain parts of the cord, but, in general, microscopical examination is necessary
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quarter to one and one-quarter hours. After the ingestion of 0.15 gm. of iodoform
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setup for the young physicians from this country who are
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practice in laboratories for work upon books and at-
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mucosa and submucosa; 5, musciilar and fibrous tissue infiltrated with blood.
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tus, and the entanglement of the styloid process of the ulna
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at the drawing (Fig i) will, I think, furnish a solution of
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patients is the result of the intoxication of the part by sodium
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instead of combining into one enormous work a vast mass of he--
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taken from the skin shortly- before death, and of the blood of the
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When one suggested the completion of this truncated
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tion. The paper, as well as the preliminary note, is in both
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be accounted for by the fact that many anaesthetics are given by doctors who

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.