in this city a short time ago, after it had bitten other
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is worth remarking that the loss of memory for words in this
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historical portraits. The Kev. l>r Gilbert Gerard, his son and
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Dr. William Osier, of Baltimore, paid a flying visit to Toronto
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for drugs which reduce the temperature, those that stand foremost
scanty and inodorous. The vaginal swelling can no longer be
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and th err elation? o l' their individual antisera.
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activity, nervous sensibility, and the sensorial powers, vary still
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especially of the duodenum, and induce an increased secretion
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or less self-evident. An old accumulation of inspis-
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serious dangers exist in some of the crowded portions.
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General Hospital the mortality rate was 5 per cent., and only the worst
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and with less reserve, considers these bodies as the seat of chorea.
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hemiplegia ; such as hemichorea, athetosis, tremor ;
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Upa are thin, the Kning membrane of the cheeks smooth, and
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months and even years after the primary lesion before tertiary devastation
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diseased that were the operation made for it alone, its removal would
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stances only which possess corrosive properties, it follows that in such cases,
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produces there a chronic inflammatory condition, with increase of con-
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the 21st she was much worse, with a red tremulous tongue, a.
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driacs are apt to consult many physicians in succession, fniding, for a
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ing operation he was feeble, collapsed, and occasionally sick. Thirty-
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of all Oifence, in particular of the offence of habit production I
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depth, and for nine months sewage was applied nine times
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the lectures were conducted without ostentation, they have
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prickings, and are cooler than riglit limbs; cannot retain urine; speecli (ar-
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replied, " Thank you, madam ; I owe you one." In some book there i.s a
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continued to be discharged. No antiseptic dressings were applied. In July the patient
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symmetrical character is suppressed, and with it all action on polarized
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The subjective sensations are usually tlie same as in
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oven to the extent of 325^ may be borne for a time.
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tions of the bowels; and this from a two-fold action. 1st, it is
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She remained away from the baby ten days, during which time
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dertake too often to perform operations that should better
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of active, radical, scientific, and rational treatment by
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seems to exert a favorable influence. 2. The corset fixes the
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fistulfe. but it will never again be separated from gynjecol-
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incompetency of the operating surgeon, it must be recog-
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a tin can? What a great place to stash something. Remember—
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stinence from food, quietude; repeat morphia ; ice.
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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.