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sists in removing the spinal lesions which attend stricture and in pro-

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increased frequency in the pulse, and other symptoms which attend the

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A laryngoscopic examination is rarely possible in this class of patients.

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is important. When there is loss of appetite and impaired digestion, vege-

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genation lire dovelopeil. Tho face betokens great distress and has a livid

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presence of spinal lesions, together with partial dislocations, muscular

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the disease progresses they diminish ; the salts of the blood are also changed,

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quality because of certain poisons circulating in the blood as occurs in

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be ushered in by constant vomiting and great prostration. In either case

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tory sound excludes the presence of pneumonic consolidation. Vocal

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is not true of the Hagedorn needle, as the thread pulls in the end of

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ment is slight, the pain in the side is not severe, and cough and dyspnoea may

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wet-nurses. During childhood they should be fed chiefly on good cow's

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In adults the left, and in intra-uterine life the riffht, heart is oftenest

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lateral sinus is to be operated upon, the point of operation is one and

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cavities may lead to it. Traumatism not infrequently causes it. Pulmo-

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brane is usually covered with a tough, whitish mucus.

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expansion of the ujiper jiart of the chest during a deep inspiration ; as the

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l)enituro of 102' or 103" F.; the j)iilse will be full and fre(iuent, the pain

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and hyaline and granular casts are very often present, indeiJendent of renal

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have their origins from above the joint, and their insertion is frequently

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to day, and as the liver decreases in size it is displaced backward, so that

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typhoid symptoms are present from the onset, delirium is the rule rather

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com presses the comtuon duct it may be developed. A dry, hacking cough

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General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.