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office of Professor S. D. Gross, M.D., as a private pupil,
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member of the Hospital Staff, and is recognized as one of
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28, and incorporated under the laws of the State of New York
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he was much better equipped than the average beginner.
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convincingly that the paragraphs on this subject would by them-
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"Artificial Feet in a Case of Arrested Development" (N. Y. Med. Eec, 1890).
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From the accompanying symptoms, and the age of the patient,
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In cases of lymphangitis and of erysipelas, Souligoux
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Copper Works, Swansea, South Wales, coming to this country in 1886,
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lar movements which are the basis of all our visible bodily func-
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resources of his professional brethren. The item referred to is
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anticipated by the homoeopathic branch of the medical profes-
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with Dr. Legrand Kerr is the "Surgical Diseases of Childhood"
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He is a member of the Army and Navy Club, Washington, D. C,
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of acute gout ; but, apart from its liability to cause fatal accidents,
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either direct or transmitted through a large diaphysis, the
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Her first year as a teacher was spent in a rural district,
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Medical College, Philadelphia, from which he received the degree of
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bruised, and frequently very dirty, and result from large
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the books, and the statements of others, what has taken place.
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nals, and other organizations, we may realize something of the
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since that time has been in the private practice of medi-
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sion he took the three-years' course in two years, being
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what is the potential complication of a drug-drug interaction between selegiline and meperidine
body three times. In April, 1SS9, he was graduated from
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of M.D. from the medical department of the University of Pennsyl-
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in rectal diseases, he has won honors as practitioner and writer. He
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Midwife Problem in the State of New York." "Choice of Method for
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pieces of callus were rather frequent in the old days. Now-
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remembrance that we spread upon the records of this Society this imperfect
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this evil ; and, for various reasons, Massachusetts should not lag
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cine, holding that position for many years. He was appointed visit-
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This bureau having been closed, Dr. H. K. Bennett, chairman
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plegia, epilepsy, and affections of the special senses, are com-
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■ 977. " MedicKl and Moral Care of the Female Patient
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in the sick-room, his presence alone being a veritable tower

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.