vestigations are being carried out), but to do it gradually though not

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capillary blood vessels it predisposes to attacks of pneumonia, which

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and harmful. Perhaps a little pure water should be allowed to rinse

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bers of his famil\'. I'he)- appreciated the far-reaching

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But the cause of the great majority of cases of nephritis is hasmatogenic.

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l)y pressure and impede voluntary movement. The position of the

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nervous disturbances, the pathology of which is obscure. The temporary

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moistened and mixed with it is swallowed and forced onward into

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disturbance of the thermal apjjaratus there can be no doubt.

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tinguished from its organic growth, and which it finds nowhere else.

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complaint, hands full, heart full, life full, of all that is beautiful,

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a probable diagnosis during life, particularly in the aged.

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the scanty urine be of low specific gravity the danger of uraemia is the more

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agency, such as shock or gastric or uterine disturbance. No matter

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to a consideration of tlie relations of these diseases to diabetes.

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ride of mercury, iodoform, pyrogallic acid, naphthol, and the preparations of

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the subcutaneous cellular tissue, the omentum, and the mesentery re-

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directly as the size and functional activity of these glands. In in-

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hypertrophied heart in adult life, where from the history one would sus-

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Dislocation of the third bone of the index finger, showing how to reduce it.

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remarking that "nothing but worms ails that child," and she usually

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The triceps antagonizes the biceps and extends the forearm. The

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The effect of the above-mentioned chronic changes on the size and appear-

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appears from the urine immediately upon the institution of the stan-

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quires a hy]3odermic injection of morphine and atropine before any-

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of pregnancy, owing to the increased tension of the blood vessels

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make all the difference between perfect recovery and recovery with a

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pils are contracted in inflammation of the retina or brain, in profound

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bone crosses the upper third and teminates in a projection, the

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found among the end products of metabolism, which it is the function of

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rest and nourishment. Over-feeding, lack of sleep, want of exercise,

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ease. III. — Temperature ix Disease. IV. — Kissing nsr

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ding the transverse and descending colon. The entrance of the ileum

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VII. Angina Pectoris or Neuralgia of the Heart, - 363

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into the nostrils is a remedy of considerable efficiency. It may be

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to Kisch, rather to the alcoholism than to the fatty degeneration of

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good. If the case is very acute, and accompanied by evidence of dis-

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has borne several children. Very fleshy women and those who men-

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which serve to economize fat will deserve special attention.

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to corns, bunions and chronic swellings of the glands or joints. It

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.