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gress in the past fifty years. The medical profession has made
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I have included the latter in my list from its close proximity and
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them. Both were written by poets but the better poet
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prove beneficial. What I do dispute is that there is any such
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Infirmary and tlu ir first idea was a very modest one to advance
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Such are the qualities desired in one who is to care for those
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pretender. The efficacy of the thousandth or millionth or decillionth
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sciences and who should not be members of tlie Court of Examiners.
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ventilation during maximal arm crank exercise with and
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corpuscles has been fotmd to be normal that is anaU
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sustaining its laws and institutions not engaging in those practices which will
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that there are several furrows arranged in series and separated the
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Where there are collaborators each naturally wishes his work to
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experiment station and biological laboratory and employing
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Tropics which would be of value as diagnostic aids in caring for
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of a child suffering from post pharyngeal abscess. The bur
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balanced and imobjectionable save that it lacked the
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except as found in the Southwest in the original work of Jordan and
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in the two preceding weeks declined again to. during the week under
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powders may be given twice or thrice a day as circumstances
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rience. I mean the man who after commencing his practical
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the belly to stop as soon as we have drawn off a certain
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another has been effected. VitelloruUn occurs in an
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from febrile inflammatory fever may sometimes be produced from febrile
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diathesis tendencies amp c. Instead of saying that a predisposition
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certificates to practice medicine. These were from colleges situated
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leading investigators in this area is Dr. Bernard Trurrpower v ho has undertaken
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months later of Bright s Disease. There had been no examination
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Remarks. In the above patient an undoubted diabetic it
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mittee on Military Affairs in their statement placed at the head
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death is rare. Alum is principally employed locally as
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the remaining collar and also tied. Of course at this
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at sea. Cholera travels entirely independently of ships
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from the sun darting its rays perpendicularly on his head an instance
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and feet every summer for last years complains of constant burning in
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the result of endocervicitis following infection of various kinds and
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is called Maltese cats. Some cats is known by their queer purrs

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