other parts; it qualifies the Humor, eafes the Pain,
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then flrain out by prejjing -, in the [trained Liquor
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J breads ( yet nothing fo many as in the other) of a
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Some two weeks ago I received a circular with the heading,
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doctors. Is any one else ? No. No one but the doctors come
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and Cinnamon , of each one Ounce ; digeft i 0 days'
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Variety ot colors, (fcarcely fo from the Red : ) but
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little longer FootRalk, which being pafl, there comes
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the Stalk and Flowers are fmaller, the Flowers in this
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mortality between gastroenterostomy and resection of the pylo-
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Stomack, and other Vifcera, and reitore the Tone of
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According to these authorities, tuberculosis is, of all the mala-
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Beans: Its Root is long and white, 1 creeping in the
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foot, ha* a long white Root , divided into many heads,
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Prickles on them, and fet with fmall winged Leaves,
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thofe Plants , which grow not to fuch a prodigious Mag-
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one very double flower , the outermoft Leaves being
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Diflillations at Seft. 97 ,,or 98, aforegoing , which'
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tick, Pectoral and Hyfterick,Carhartick,Emetick and
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be medical education as a pre-requisite to medical practice. I
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every Tear j or the mofi part after it has given Seed-,
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with thick and long Stalks , the Leaves thereof are
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of more definite and minute knowledge of the causation of
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Virtues, or t© be of no life. But Clufius lays, That in
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Instead of making here a futile attempt at an exact definition of
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Epithymum , Polypody , of each 6 Ounces : Liquorice
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fome two, which are loweft- arid oppofite, are fmall-
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The third Sinapi agrefte of Tragus : Rapiftrum flore
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much divided, and cut into many parts, not much un-
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of England , fome in Woods, as the Butterfiy, others
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ther fo ftrong or effeftual, and therefore is to be
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Branches, as in the former, which for the mofi part
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out bearing any Seed, or if any yet very /part ngly :
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each f lowers place, a Husk of a green color , of the
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of the Stalks the Flowers come forth at fet Spaces,
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ving the Leaves of its Flower long and a little nar-
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eleventh , viz. the Common- Mofs , the Club- Mofs ,
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Wronger, f wee ter, and pleafantcr than the Joy met.
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j oritur, but the Stalk is larger and jiroxger, higher,
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Napifolia Lobelij , becaufe as he fays, it partakes
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1 , e IS eit / 1 . e L ot a g rc ‘ en > °r- grey, or yellow
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flat at bottom, as divers of thefe kinds are, which
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a moift blacknefs, coloring the very Ground on which
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ftrong, hairy Stalks, a Foot long, with many Joints
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Theffelium , Apium jylveflre , Wild Pa 1 fly , alfo
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Fritillary, has a Root much like the others be forego-

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.