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or myeloid type. Non chloromatous leukosarcoma may have its primary site
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Much less frequently gastrorrhagia is due to 7 venous stasis in the
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healing may produce cicatricial contraction or stenosis. The perforation of a
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Certain symptoms such as extensive edema vomiting uremia and
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Treatment. The chief indications are to remove if possible the causes
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exercise is not feasible massage may be strongly recommended. All over
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nursing and sometimes a slight elevation of temperature.
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sional stoppage of the Eustachian tube and she was rather
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a valuable heart tonic. Its eflfects are sq niarke l
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affords much relief. In extreme cases the Karell diet is well worth trying.
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pates to a considerable degree in their distribution.
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conditions are sometimes seen in sepsis and other infections. The hypothesis
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Resolved That tlie secretary be instructed to spread these reso
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blood the treatment should consist in absolute rest in the use of mild
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from a careful study of 123 cases concludes that lymphosarcoma lymphatic
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The Polygraph. Mackenzfe s ink polygraph is an instrument designed
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period sometimes seem to do good in the premature form.s of the disease.

General Norman Schwarzkopf and Valerie DiVecchio at the annual Florida Prostate Cancer Network Gala.